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Pond Water Pumps

Aquaforce Solids Handling Pumps

The combination of energy-efficient performance, flow and ease of maintenance make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. The AquaForce® protective pre-filter cage allows the pump to be placed directly into the pond. AquaForce® pumps are able to pump solids up to one quarter of an inch making it ideal for use with external pressure filters or Aquascape waterfalls type filter systems.

Aquaforce pumps are backed by a 3 year warranty.

Aquaforce 1000

Aquaforce 1800

Aquaforce 2700

Aquaforce 3600

Aquaforce 5200

Aquaforce 4000-8000

AquaSurge Adjustable

The Aquascape AquaSurge® asynchronous skimmer and waterfall pump accomplishes what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy efficient performance, remote controlled adjustability and ease of maintenance, makes this the pump of choice for discriminating professionals. AquaSurge® pumps are ideal for use in skimmer and falls filter systems, as well as Pondless® Waterfall filter vaults.

AquaSurge Adjustable 2000-4000

AquaSurge Adjustable 4000-8000

Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pumps

Pondmaster® Mag-Drive pumps are tough, heavy-duty and affordable! These rugged magnetic pond pumps were specifically designed to run continuously in your pond. The Mag-Drive motor is epoxy filled, wiping out the possibility of water getting in or leaking anything into the pond.

Pondmaster pumps come with a 3 year warranty and 18-foot cord.

Mag-Drive Pump 950

Mag-Drive Pump 1200

Mag-Drive Pump 1800

Mag-Drive Pump 2400

Mag-Drive Pump 250

Mag-Drive Pump 350

Mag-Drive Pump 500

Mag-Drive Pump 700

Pressure Filters

Designed in Australia for harsh Australian conditions, the PondMAX range has proved itself to be able to withstand the most challenging conditions. Sharing in the Australian founders mission to help people Discover, Create and Enjoy beautiful water gardens, we are passionate about what we do…developing and supporting a range of products that well, just work. PondMAX is now over 10 years old with 30 years of experience and expertise behind it. You can be rest assured about buying a PondMAX product, it’s water gardening to the MAX.
PondMAX filters all have UV Clarifiers for crystal clear water.








Hikari is by far the most popular brand in Japan, a nation known for it’s fine ornamental fish. Today throughout the world, hobbyists with the health of their pet their first priority, feed them Hikari. Hikari’s quality is a direct result of the many activities undertaken to understand fish, their eating habits and their dietary requirements. It all starts with exploration to study the actual habitats of tropical fish. This invaluable experience compliments intensive research by our Hikari Aquatic laboratory staff. Additionally, our world-renowned Yamasaki Koi Farm allows us to use our diets first hand, ever noting the growth and coloration characteristics each one offers. We are also the largest shipper of live tropical and marine fish in all of Japan. So, as you can see, we are not producing diets for the sake of selling merchandise, but rather target the health and longevity of the fish. Focusing on bringing about success to the hobbyist through exacting nutrition has allowed us to develop a brand name synonymous with superior quality!

Hikari® Staple™

Hikari® Staple™ is a lab formulated, daily diet, for feeding Koi and other pond fish in warmer water temperatures. The uniquely balanced ingredients support rapid growth, proper form and efficient utilization. This floating diet will not cloud your water and contains necessary vitamins, including stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health.

Hikari® Gold®

Hikari® Gold® is a uniquely designed, daily diet, for feeding Koi and other pond fish in warmer water temperatures. The carefully selected ingredients promote active color enhancement while the vitamin and mineral package helps support immune system health. Hikari®, successfully making champions for decades™!

Hikari® Wheat-Germ Formula

Hikari® Wheat-Germ Formula is a highly digestible, daily diet, for feeding Koi and other pond fish in cooler water temperatures. The use of the inner most portion of the wheat germ kernel with added vitamins and minerals offers higher levels of nutrient package your koi can readily utilize to helps support immune system health.

Saki-Hikari® Growth

Saki-Hikari® Growth was specifically developed for raising jumbo koi. Our intent was to provide a nutritional package that would help koi breeders raise koi that were bigger than previously possible without negatively impacting water quality or the overall health of their koi. Saki-Hikari® has the proper levels of necessary vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. It also contains a uniquely balanced combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Finally, the inclusion of beneficial living microorganisms offers many benefits other foods cannot. For the championship body your koi deserve, and you crave, feed Saki-Hikari® Growth! •Heightened growth rates due to the perfect nutritional balance.

Saki-Hikari® Color

Saki-Hikari® Color is the most powerful color enhancing diet available today! Utilizing pure-select Spirulina, which naturally contains high levels of Zeaxanthin, we can offer you outstanding enhancement of the Hiban (red areas). Spirulina is also naturally rich in vitamins (B12), carotenoids and minerals and is easily metabolized by koi. You can also be assured, because it’s a Hikari® product, that no negative impact to the Shiroji (white areas) will be noted. Saki-Hikari® Color is so powerful, we suggest gradual introduction to your fish! •Exacting amounts of specially selected color enhancing ingredients promote vivid coloration. •Highly digestible and easily assimilated •No negative impact to the Shiroji. •Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. •Use in water temperatures above 68°F. •Floating pellet.


Provides the proper level of nutrients and carotenoids to provide steady growth and improved coloration. Excellent growth and coloration possible. Can be used down to 50°F. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. (Probiotics). Floating pellet. 1.Manufactured to our exacting standards offering benefits not available with standard koi diets. 2.Contains easily digested ingredients, including a select portion of the wheat-germ kernel which offers higher levels of usable protein and beneficial vitamins than the whole kernel would. You’ll experience efficient digestion even in lower water temperatures. 3.Contains a uniquely balanced mix of superior proteins and other necessary nutrients which support digestive system health while promoting steady, predictable growth and less chance of weight loss. 4.Includes pure, cultured Spirulina to help your koi maintain the brilliant colors you desire without any negative impact on the Shiroji (white)

Pond Liners

Dependable Performance in Demanding Environments Firestone PondGard EPDM.45 mil is engineered to provide dependable performance in a variety of critical containment applications. Based on EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) synthetic rubber, PondGard is a highly flexible, stable waterproofing membrane.

Firestone 45 mil EPDM


Skaha Water Gardens carries the following types of tubing: call us for more information!

  • Vinyl: 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″
  • Kink-Free: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″
  • Black Flex PVC: 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″


All life revolves around the availability of Oxygen. In aquatic environments like fish ponds, oxygen is the single most limiting factor for success. All aquatic life forms demand oxygen. From the fish down to the bacteria any body of water has what is called an “oxygen demand”. 

Of all the essential elements in water, oxygen is also in the shortest supply. 

Pond shape, size and especially depth greatly influence air pump requirements. The deeper the pond the less air that it will require per surface area. For ponds over 8′ deep a rocking piston pump is required due to the pressure required to pump air to depth. Large, relatively shallow ponds require multiple diffusers, while deeper ponds often require just a single diffuser for up to 1/2 acre of surface area.

Aquascape Pond Air 2 Kit

Aquascape Pond Air 4 Kit

Aquascape Pro Air 20 and 60

Pondmaster AP-20

Pondmaster AP-60

Pondmaster AP-100

Call us if you need:

Pond Netting

  • Pond & Garden Protector 7′ x 9′
  • Pond & Garden Protector 9′ x 12′

Pond Nets

Heavy Duty with Extension Handle

  • Skimmer Net
  • Pond Net

UV Replacement Bulbs

Wide selection of replacement bulbs for most brands

Pond Lights

  • Aquascape Light Kits
  • Pondmax white LED pond and garden lights
  • Colour changing LED lights

Water Conditioners

Algae Control Products:

  • Pond Balance
  • ProFix
  • OneFix
  • Microbe-Lift

Pond Skimmers

  • Salvio Compact
  • Salvio Skimmer
  • SwimSkim